Front End Loader

**FRONT END LOADER courses currently not available** 


Courses currently not available

The Course aims to provide the participants with all the requisite knowledge, skills and expertise to be able to perform the duties of a front end loader operator. Safe driving techniques and positive driver attitude are priorities within the Course.


The trainee must be:

  • Over the age of 18
  • Able to read and write English
  • Able to complete a short answer written exam (oral exam option allowed, but must be arranged at the time of booking)
  • Able to complete a basic calculations exam
  • Able to complete a practical driving exam
  • 100 points of ID for licence processing
  • Appropriate levels of language, literacy and numeracy (self-assessment available)


  • Formal training package- $990
    • $990 full training and assessment package.
    • This course is set up for applicant with little, or no experience with machinery operations.
    • Covers as many training sessions as required, theory and practical assessment (average 2 to 3 appointments).
  • Express course- $695
    • Can you provide evidence of operating experience?
    • Then complete the express course for only $695
    • (Around 1 to 2 appointments, evidence of experience is required)

Discounts apply to bulk bookings


  • 1 day (lots of experience)
  • 2 days (some experience)
  • 3 or more days (no experience)

If you already have experience in machinery operation, you may be able to obtain Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and only have to complete a smaller portion of the original course.

Applicants are required to undertake home study with material supplied by DDT prior to attending training.


  • Our trainers come to you! 
  • if you do not have the required machines training can be conducted from our location at 159 Queens Rd Kingston when minimum class sizes are met.


Written assessment and hands-on training.

Your Assessment Guide will be available to download when you book with us. Go through this in your own time before your training day. This way, we can get your written assessment out of the way and spend the rest of the day practising actually using the machine.

Front End Loader (Discounts apply if providing RPL) $695


Front End Loader Formal $990


Front End Loader deposit for training $200


Front End Loader training Express BALANCE $495


Front End Loader training Formal BALANCE $790