Fatigue Management



Courses delivered in partnership with Human Resource Training (RTO#31678).

Why do DDT Industries‘ Basic Fatigue Management course?

Many drivers believe that if you are not working for an employer accredited to run over a 12-hour logbook, then there is no point in gaining a fatigue management qualifications. However, fatigue management training is about much more that extended driving hours. 

A certificate in fatigue management is a feather in the cap from an employability perspective. It shows employers that a potential worker is aware of factors which affect and are consequences of driver fatigue. This means a driver is better equipped to deal with and monitor their own fatigue on the road and in their time off, making one less thing for the employer to worry about.

It is also a good thing for employers from an insurance perspective.

Our course is delivered on site, or by correspondence, with helpful trainers available to advise and guide assessment in person or over the phone.

Finally, our course incorporates real-world, industry relevant activities into the assessment to help better equip drivers for a career in transport and logistics.

This course helps drivers understand and comply with the regulations surrounding driver fatigue management.

Transport companies and their employees are required by law to complete fatigue management accreditation if they plan on their drivers working longer than 12 hours a day.

Don’t risk your employability, your earning potential or your well-being any longer- book today!


  • $250 Distance learning
  • $350 Face to face fast track


  • 4-8 hours Also available by correspondence.

Fatigue Management BFM “Distance Learning” $250


Fatigue Management BFM “Face to face fast track” $350