Our Approach

DDT is a small company mainly made up of family and a close group of friends. This means all members are personally involved in the business and all share the same passion to see the business do well. What this means for you is that you are never seen as just another number, but as an opportunity for us to show you the full potential that we have to offer.

Sympathetic to your needs-Because all staff still all work within the transport industry we understand just how tough things are, we understand that with the rise in cost of living as well as the increase in registration, insurance, expenses and the ever decreasing availability of jobs or contracts left to fill, people can’t afford the outrageous prices some training schools charge for courses or the lengthy time frames that they expect you to show up day after day.

For these reason DDT pride ourselves on offering the most affordable prices is QLD, in fact we urge our customers to shop around and try and find a more reasonable price.

DDT are available 6 days a week, we are on Facebook, twitter, Google + as well as email, and phone so staying in touch has never been easier.

We understand that heavy vehicle operation is a complex task that requires a lot of awareness and a lot of learning and not everything can be picked up right away. Don’t understand something or got some question on a complex situation? Simply get in touch either by direct company mobile to the trainer you want or drop us a line on a social network, we are always happy to help answer any question and always free of charge.